Fishing Report 07-19-2013 Florida Middle Ground
Got out fished by my new friends Jeremy and Larry but still caught so many fish my arms are sore (all Red Snapper were release).
Fishing Report 06-02-2013 St. Andrews Bay
Niece Macey Charboneau from Missouri was in Panama City Beach, FL for a round of SHARK FISHING! What she caught was a 4.5ft Bull Shark, which took about 30 minutes to wear him enough to photograph. Whenever they see the boat for the first time it inevitably turns into another RUN!

Of course this is exhausting work for anyone, but at 12 years old, she did an amazing job! Look at that game-face! Fisherwoman for LIFE!

Thank You Jerry Leirer for your assistance with the shark wrangling.

Fishing Report 08-19-2012 County Pier
Got out about Noon, lots of rain but no fish until I hooked this King about 4:00. I didn't bring my cooler so I took the fish home and don't know if anyone else had any luck.
Fishing Report 06-16-2012 St. Andrews Bay
Grace wanted to go back out for sharks and Shelly took a video. Here it is Gracie's Shark video
Fishing Report 06-10-2012 St. Andrews Bay
The mission was shark fishin. Daughter Grace caught this nice black tip. Sharks were hammering the bait, spooling Shelly and biting through 44# steel leader. Had to break out the 400# cable to get the job done. We were surrounded by sharks, while we watched people in pleasure boats, pulling tubers. Wow!